Budget Fox is your household accounts with extras

Budget as a couple or family to reach your long-term financial targets.
Accessible everywhere as a web-application.

Don't trust your instinct...

your finances need tighter control.
You will get a weekly reminder to update your budget. This helps you finding unnecessary spending every week and will save you money in the long run.

Be prepared...

for whatever life throws at you.
Once you know where your money goes, we can show you what the next month will look like and how to improve your spending and saving.

Set targets...

and reach them.
A single payment, say for holidays or taxes, will feel gigantic, but we can help you to split it into small gravel.

Living together..

requires budgeting together.
Whether it's your spouse or your business partner, give them fine-grained access to your data and reports.

Budget Fox is available in packages for a single household, families and groups.

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Upcoming features:

Note: this app is still early in its development.